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Ark Association  Outreach - Volunteers needed monthly
( second Saturdays 2:00pm-3:30pm)


2023 May Gardening Events

Thanks to all those who helped out at St. John's Presbyterian Church Community Garden startup on May 20th as well as those who worked with Faith Community Presbyterian church on May 6th and 20th with garden/play ground clean-up, mulching, and planting.  Please, click here for more pictures from the St. John's event.


2022 Events 2nd half of the year

  • Blood drive – Thanks to those who participated in Faith Community’s blood drive, especially those who drove far after work because this year the blood drive was on a Monday.

  • Playground clean-up (Picture Link) – Thanks to all those who helped weed and cut down overhanging branches at the FCPC playground and make it lot safer/enjoyable to use

  • Cider Mill Visit (Picture Link)- Thanks to those who helped with preparation and participated in the Cider Mill visit.Let’s work again in 2023 to hold events where NHC members can interact with people who currently do not attend a church / have not attended a church for a while.

  • Joint Trunk or Treat event with Faith Community (Picture Link) - It was great to see so many people at NHC and Faith Community work together to hold this event for the neighborhood and see many new faces come by.Let’s work together to see what events we can work on this year to invite new people into the two churches.

  • Christmas Gifts for the SWIRC families – NHC supported four families again this year with Christmas gifts, and gift card. Thanks to all those who contributed to preparing the gifts and delivering them

  • Christmas Giving Tree Program – NHC participated in gifts that Faith Hope was providing to users of their food pantry program. Thanks to all those who helped out as this year Faith Hope was especially challenged with large number of food pantry program users.

  • Blanket Project (Picture Link) Thanks to those who prepared and participated in creating 14 blankets. These blankets will be handed out at the January 14th Ark Association Saturday Ministry.

  • Donations to various organizations/people – at end of 2022 we provided following donations to worthy organizations/people

    • Intervarsity Fellowship – for Alex Kim’s work as IVF staff

    • Antioch Partners – For Pastor Isaac and Misty mission work

    • Myanmar – Pastor Ernest and Anna(Charlie’s parents) mission work

    • Ukrain – YWAM – for Pastor John and Monica’s work with YWAM(Youth with a mission) work in Ukraine

2022 Migrant Farm Workers Mission

  • We will be holding a clothing drive for Migrant Farm Workers until Saturday 10:30am of June 23rd (Saturday) for the Hartford location.  Any additional clothing collected after morning of June 23rd will be donated to other farms visited in August or to Ark Association Ministry

  • Please, bring the clothing to :

    • Church - Drop them off at bins at the lobby or to Kyu's car

    • West side - Kyu and EJ's house

    • East side - Steve and Betty's house

  • Per previous email, we will not be sending a team this year but if you would like to visit the migrant mission camp this year please go here for detail.  You can also sign up to indicate when you will visit and see if a carpool can be coordinated.

2022 Migrant Worker Mission.JPG

May - Community Garden Project with St. John's Presbyterian Church - Mulch and Planting Day

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped to pull out weeds, move and apply mulch, plant flowers, lay the pavers for the walkway to the garden, and help moving the water from lower to upper tank so the garden could be watered. Click on the picture below to see slideshow including pictures of the Gazebo installed since the gardening event on May 21st. Additional work is planned to add gutters, etc to this Gazebo to collect water for the garden

Sign-up to support the Afghan Refugee Family


Click here or on the phone image to sign-up to volunteer for various activities to support the Afghan Refugee family


March Baby Blessings Event

We celebrated mothers to be and babies. It was also our chance to meet and get to know the family from Afghanistan.

January Blanket Project

In what is becoming an annual tradition, blankets made by various NHC members in December 2021 was delivered to Ark Ministry on January 2022.  Thanks for all those who contributed but especially to Susan for leading this effort for the 2nd year.


December - Christmas Gifts for families that SWIRC works with

Like last year various NHC home/small groups prepared Christmas Gifts and Cards for the immigrant families that SWIRC works with. This year we were able to visit and pray for the families while delivering these Gifts.

SWIRC provides "provides free and low-cost legal services to those who need them most in the Detroit area, with a focus on recent immigrants and asylum seekers."

SWIRC website has a short video to explain their work here.

October - Hello-ween with our Neighbors

Thanks to all the ministries and congregation members working together to hold this event to introduce our church to our neighbors. Special thanks to Pastor Sam and Pastor Hyun for their leadership and all the efforts to prepare us for this event.


Updates from the Community Garden at St. John's

August/September - Shampoo/Conditioner Drive for

  • If you have been to the Ark Association Saturday outreach or to their facebook page you will have seen Sherry Labadie and/or her parents.  Sherry has been distributing shampoos/conditioners as well as other supplies to homeless women in Detroit for many years.

  • To help Sherry we will be collecting travel size shampoos and conditioners from August 29th to September 12th.

  • You can either either bring them to church on Sundays(Aug 29th, September 5th, September 12th) or drop them off at a Novi or Troy location---please see related email to NHC congregation.

  • You can always drop off the shampoos/conditioners at the Ark Association outreach any Saturday at 2:00pm.

  • Please, also lift up Sherry and the homeless women she serves in your prayers.

August - Update on Nepal

  • As we discussed during the June 14th Worship Service, we have been praying about and searching for a mission partner to work with near Biratnagar, Nepal.

  • For those of you who missed that discussion or want to refresh your memory you can listen to it here….you will want to fast forward to 1:10:10 of the video.

  • Recently, Pastor Sam found a church in Texas already working with mission partners in Biratnagar, Nepal. Please, watch the “Mission Point: Nepal” video here and learn about two of their partners, “Our Daughters” and “New Nepal Evangelistic Association.”

  • We will be having a zoom call with Pastor Grant from this church on August 20th to explore a possible partnership.

  • Please, continue to pray for people of Nepal and especially this zoom call on August 20th

  • Please, continue to pray for and reach out to Tulsi and his family.  

May - Community Garden Projects with St. John's Presbyterian Church - Water Project

Thanks to Don and Timmy for designing and installing the tote tank system to store +500 gallons of water.

  • This year the tanks will be used for local water supply.

  • Next year we will install a pavilion for water collection surface and to provide a sitting/conversation area.   
    Click on the image below to view full size photo gallery

May - Community Garden Project with St. John's Presbyterian Church - Mulch and Planting Day

Thanks to all who helped out at the May 22nd Mulching and Planting. Below are some pictures from the event.  Click on the image below to view full size photo gallery

February - Ark Association Outreach Visit

We visited the Ark Association outreach with some of the hygiene kits and blankets from NHC.  Ark Association serves food and various donated items to the homeless every Saturday at 1:45pm at Roosvelt Park/Central Station in Detroit . You can just show up on that day/time/place if you want to volunteer. However, it would be good to coordinate with them if you are going with a large group.

Please, see related information at their website and facebook(which has lots of pictures/comments from various Saturdays--including those below from our visit on 2021-02-20).

March - Christianity in Nepal

We are forming a Nepal strategy team to find a mission partner we can work with to help build or renovate churches in the Kosi River valley area of Nepal.  You can learn more about Christianity in Nepal and the Kosi River Valley by reading this document.


We collected furniture from NHC Congregation and delivered them to a family in need

January-February Furniture Drive

January Blanket Project

We are making blankets for the homeless.

December Christmas Gifts for the immigrant families

Various NHC home/small groups prepared Christmas Gifts and Cards for the immigrant families. These gifts and cards were delivered to the families through SWIRC (South West Detroit Immigration and Refugee Center).  Located in The Mercado community center(Ford Resource and Engagement Center -2826 Bagley St, Detroit, MI 48216 ) along with Gleaner's food bank and other organizations, SWIRC provides "provides free and low-cost legal services to those who need them most in the Detroit area, with a focus on recent immigrants and asylum seekers."


Thanksgiving Outreach

Our Thanksgiving Outreach involved delivery of 13 baskets to a combination of pastors who moved during pandemic and asylum seeking neighbors in need made possible through the generosity of New Hope Church.

NHC Front Line Workers and Their Friends

Compassion Project 1

Dr.Kyungmi3 (2).jpg

Dr.Kyungmi3 (2).jpg

Dr. Kyungmi Kim1.jpg

Dr. Kyungmi Kim1.jpg

Dr Kyungmi2.jpg

Dr Kyungmi2.jpg

Dr Hazel 1.jpg

Dr Hazel 1.jpg

Dr. Hazel3.jpg

Dr. Hazel3.jpg



made with love.jpg

made with love.jpg



Resources for the Needy

Government, Nonprofit, and Commercial Resources

NHC Compassion Projects

Go and be Salt and Light

Serving our Neighbor, Sharing our Faith












Migrant Community

Every summer, we seek to serve the community of migrant farmworkers who help put fresh food on our table. For a week, we provide supplemental programs during the summer school provided for migrant children, and seek to share joy at the migrant communities in the evenings.

Nepalese Community

We sense God's call to build relationships with our Nepalese American neighbors through a Saturday afternoon fellowship. Also, we look forward to building a church in the Koshi River Valley in Nepal partner as we find missionary partners.

Neighbors in Need

In the past year, we've made care packages to distribute to our homeless neighbors, done yard work for people needing a hand, and distributed presents at Christmas through partner churches in Detroit.

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