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April 13 "Jealousy" by Abe Park

Deuteronomy 5:1-11

The first law that God has given his people after taking them out of Egypt was, "you shall have no other gods before me". God also describes himself as a jealous God. 

A familiar question I hear is "what are the gods of my life?" I'm thinking... anyone or anything I think of more than I think of YHWH, is potentially a god I am putting before YHWH. Am I obedient to the first commandment God gave his people after taking them out of Egypt? Don't place anyone or anything before me. Why? Because I am a jealous God. 

I was thinking about the word jealous. I've come to know that I can become a jealous person; not just in a dating relationship, but even friendships. Jealousy arises when I desire someone's attention but their attention is no longer on me but is elsewhere. If God is a jealous God, why is He jealous? I believe it is because He wants my attention but my attention is no longer on Him but is elsewhere. I'm looking at my things, at my schedule, at myself, and God is waiting for my attention. How much attention am I giving God? 10 minutes a day? 15 minutes a day? What do I give most my attention to? My phone? My finances? My socio-economic success? Are these the gods of my life? 

Lord, my attention is drawn away from you so many times in my life. You are a jealous God seeking my attention. Would you help me to focus on you more, placing you above anything else in my life whether it be the things that I love to do, or the things that I try to avoid. You are the LORD my God, who is worthy of my attention so may it be so. In Jesus name...

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