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April 28 "What I Can Do" by Sam An

Deut 11: 1-12, focusing on vs 1 "Love the Lord your God and keep his requirements, his decrees, his laws, and his commands always."

These days, I'm reminded of all that I can't do. I don't have a plan for getting our country back on track. I can't replace all that the students have lost, and can't eliminate all the risks that many workers are taking. Even when it comes to doing my job, I make mistakes and sometimes fear failure.

But today's text reminds me of what I can do. I can love God today. It's sometimes hard to figure out how to love someone - "What should I do to convey my life?" "What will allow that person to feel the love I want to give?" God makes it really easy. Knowing how slow and uncreative I sometimes am, God explicitly tells me what to do to show love. Obeying is how I can effectively love God.

So I'll start there. Looking back at yesterday's text, I see that we are commanded to remember that God is the one who causes us as a people to flourish, and we are to worship God with song. It also reminds me that God defends the vulnerable and I am commanded to serve them too. May it be that as we do what we can, that the Holy Spirit will fill us and empower us to join in God's plan to do more than we can imagine.

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