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April 9th, "The Wisdom of Silence" by Mary Ellen

Mark 15: 1-15, focusing on

Mark 15:5 "But Jesus still made no reply."

I am trying to understand and be more like Jesus in this way. I often speak with out thinking. The world pokes and prods at us, trying to get us to react, because it wants us to give away our attention. The world implies, "If you were smart enough, you would respond to the way I'm challenging you."

But I love Jesus' silence. It's not a sign that he's caught off guard, or that he's stuck trying to think of what to say next. He could have answered each charge brought against Him in a way that silenced and humiliated his accusers. But Jesus chose silence because Jesus knew His Father's plan for Him, and He had the self control to submit.

As we look at Jesus, let us take the time to think and reflect before we answer. It may be better to say nothing. Let God's plan, and not the promptings of the world, be what we're following.

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Dec 27, 2021

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