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Jan 16th, Matthew 3: 1-10, by Chongsoo

Summary: John the Baptist Prepares the Way

Focus Verse: 8 – Produce fruit in keeping with repentance


Our society values production. In the corporate world, we are rewarded when we are more productive than others. However, not many companies value the methods used in attaining productivity. This is where believing in how we become productive is important. We need to be mindful that we are stewards of this earth for God and being productive is not an end goal. In this verse, I believe God is saying something similar that loving others and producing fruit must be done with the right heart and attitude; repentance in this case. I also believe that the converse is true. We cannot just have a repentant heart and not have deeds or actions that produce good fruit. This is reflected in the book of James 2: 14-17.

I believe that we are blessed when we walk with God in this manner. Being in the Missions team taught me that God is faithful when we approach Him earnestly, with sincerity and a repentant heart. When we do this, he is always faithful. I know that we are all at different points in our journey with the Lord. However, it is my firm belief that we cannot go wrong if we step out into the world with repentance and faith.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, you are the good shepherd who looks after His flock. Thank you for guiding us in the path to righteousness and worship. Help us to remain humble and penitent so that we may always walk in your light. May our walk with you produce much fruit in your eyes. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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