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Jan 17th, Matthew 3: 11-17, by Jenni

Summary: John the Baptist emphasized the need for sinner’s

repentance in water. Jesus is greater than John and will baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire, but he still chooses to be baptized.

Focus Verse: 15 Jesus replied, “Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness.” Then John consented.


Just like John, I too, wondered why was that

necessary for this sinless fully man and fully God

had to get wet. Then, the verse 15 describes Jesus’

simple answer. He said, “…to fulfill all

righteousness”. I ponder those words. I believe Jesus got in the water so that there would be power in us getting in the water to be baptized.

6 years ago, David, my husband, and I became

parents to Mark who came home from Korea. He is

now a 2nd grader who dreams of becoming a dancing

custodian / comedian who works in a library. Why?

He said the answer is simple, it's because "I love books." Yay! I am learning to celebrate what he loves and no longer feel the need to push my hopes of him being a

lawyer, a doctor, a pastor and even an engineer. Perhaps part of Jesus being baptized was so that I could have my anxieties and worldly desires be washed away to fulfill all righteousness.

Recently, Mark studied Genesis 22 and he learned

about “the Substitute” from the story of Abraham and

Isaac. Surprisingly, Mark identified Jesus with

being our Substitute-to die on the cross by taking our

place we deserve. Death is the penalty of sin.

Sinless Jesus chose to be baptized for the same reason he chose to be crucified - it is to make all of us righteous so we can live with God.

Prayer: Dear God, Thank you for sending Jesus to go down into the water and go up into the cross, so that by his work we could be righteous. Help us to please you by being free from our sin so we can show the way of Jesus to all around us. In his name.

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