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Jan 18, Matthew 4:1-11, by Steve


In today’s passage, Jesus is tempted directly by Satan with worldly comforts and power in the hopes of corrupting Jesus to sin and thwarting God’s plans. Jesus however proves that he is without sin and fights off Satan using God’s Word and shows us that it is only with God’s power can we really triumph over sin.

Focus Verse:

4But he answered, “It is written, ‘One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ ”


I for one have never directly conversed with Satan and could never imagine what Jesus had experienced that day and had to overcome in his exhausted state. I have however, been tempted by many things throughout my life and still to this day struggle in making the right choices at times. Recently I took the One-to-One discipleship training, and in the lesson on battling sin, this passage was reviewed to prove the point that unless we learn God’s Word more intentionally, we will not be able to equip ourselves to battle the temptations we face in our lives. In today’s passage, Jesus fights off every temptation by citing God’s Word directly to Satan. Even though I will probably never be as knowledgeable as Jesus or memorize enough verses that can counter every temptation I face, I have over the past few months found certain verses that I needed to hear the most at this point in my life. As I reflect on these verses every so often, I find it easier to be grounded. I share this with you today to encourage you to dwell on a few verses and try to internalize them. As you make the effort, I'm sure God will help you choose the ones that will be most helpful in your walk with Jesus in the new year.


Dear Loving and Gracious Father,

We thank you for sending us your one and only son Jesus, to save us from our sins and to show us the way to a life worth living with you. We pray Father that you would help us to dwell more on your Word so that we can hear you speak to each of us with the message we need to hear, so that we can start to turn away from our worldly desires and sins and instead grow in our faith and relationship with you. In Jesus name.

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