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Jan 19 Matthew 4: 12-25 by Matt

Passage: Matthew 4:12-25 Summary: Jesus has just been tempted by Satan and withdraws to Galilee after hearing of John’s imprisonment. Jesus calls the first of his disciples and begins performing miracles. Focus verse: Matthew 4:14 “14 to fulfill what was said through the prophet Isaiah:” Reflection: Sometimes I wonder if Jesus had a big checklist of prophecies that he needed to check off in order to prove that he was the Son of God. I am being silly, but seeing as how even as an infant, prophecies were being fulfilled in Jesus’s life through God’s guidance of those around him, it is clear God had a plan for Jesus’s life and was leading him every step of the way. It might be easy for the Son of God, who is part of the Holy Trinity, to know the will of the Father, but what about for us lowly humans? I think one way to be able to discern the Spirit’s calling so that we can fulfill God’s plan for us (our “prophecies” if you will) is to spend time in God’s word daily. For the four disciples, it is fascinating how they just left everything and followed Jesus. I wonder what kind of faith they had leading up to their meeting Jesus that they were able to heed the Holy Spirit’s calling and follow Jesus. I think what’s most impressive about the four disciples is how they chose to follow Jesus before he had a big crowd or had performed miracles. Somehow, they knew he was worthy of their worship before he was famous. Prayer: Lord, help us to have a true faith that is not based on the works/miracles that you accomplish for us, but just recognizing that you are worthy of our praise and our faith. Help us to be strengthened and encouraged to spend time in your word daily in order so we can be in tune with the Holy Spirit and fulfill the “prophecies” you have for us on this earth.

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