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Jan 4, 1 John 2:28-3:10 by Sandy


Because of God’s great love lavished on us, children of God, we will know how to live righteously. We will be able to resist the devil's plans to lead us into sin.

Focus verse:

V3: Everyone who has this hope in him (God) purifies himself, just as he is pure.


It can be easy to justify ‘little’ sins, but anything short of God’s standards is still sin. Recently I pulled out the same rows of a knitting project multiple times because of mistakes that probably would have gone unnoticed by the recipient. Yet knowing that it was incorrect, I again ripped out the same rows. Oh, if I was only that aware when I step away from God’s perfect plans for me; that I would rectify whatever situations seem a ‘wee’ bit off and make it right rather than just let it be because no one else would notice. This hope I have in Christ urges me to continually strive to be like him as I confess my sins and abide in his ways daily. What a great, amazing God we serve!


Lord, I confess that I easily walk away from you and live imperfectly because the world’s standards are lower than yours. So would you show me with sharp conviction anything that needs to be changed so that I can fully walk in your ways, ways that allow me to truly experience freedom in Christ and full fellowship with you? Thank you for the perfect blood of Christ that brings healing and righteous living with you.

In the powerful name of Jesus,


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