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Sept 4 Judges 14: 1-9 by Sandy

In this passage, despite the LORD having blessed him (Judges 13:24), Samson decides that he wants to marry a Philistine woman in Timnah, against his parents’ wishes. Yet we read that this is coming from the LORD. As he and his parents make their way to Timnah to meet this woman, Samson thwarts the attack of a young roaring lion and tore it apart with his bare hands. When returning to Timnah later to marry her, Samson discovers a swarm of bres and honey inside the carcass of this lion.

This passage brings up a few things for me. First, I'm reminded of the image of a roaring lion (Satan) prowling around us. This reference comes from I Peter 5:8. Whatever journey we are on, we, too, need to be on the lookout for how Satan and his peons can and will attack us. For me, the attacks of Satan are not so much physical threats to my safety, but are more subtle - bouts of procrastination and indecision. Instead of being defeatist and assuming I'll fall to temptation, I am reminded by this passage to seek to be filled with the Spirit so that God can give me the victory over Satan, even when Satan attacks with the force of a lion.

Second, as he returns to Timnah later to marry his wife, lo and behold there is a treasure of honey in the carcass. I suppose the antimicrobial effect of the honey allowed him to eat it without suffering from the contamination of the carcass. But seriously, what in the world is the meaning of honey sprouting from a carcass? Is that an analogy for us, that out of danger, trials, confrontations, there can be something beautiful that results? I'm chewing on this passage, and will be looking for God to provide an answer to my wondering.

Prayer: "God, I know you desperately wants us to stay rooted in You, Your Word, so that you can steer our steps and fill us with strength. May we be equipped daily so that we can battle against what comes our way. May we bear fruit in our relationships, at our workplace, at school, in our neighborhood, and do whatever good works you have planned in advance for us to do. In Jesus name"

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