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April 7th 2020 "What Were We Thinking?"

Mark 12: 1-12, focusing on vs 7

"But the tenants said to one another, 'This is the heir. Come, let's kill him, and the inheritance will be ours.'"

In the passage, the chief priests and teachers of the law present an image of propriety, maturity, and holiness. However, they were thinking, "This Jesus is threatening to take all the authority and privilege we have built up for ourselves. But if we kill him, that will all be ours." When the evil that lurks in their heart is brought to light by Jesus, instead of admitting it as true and falling on their knees to repent; they hate him even more and become more aggressive in their plots against him.

Just like those leaders of the past, I feel the need to present an image of myself that will lead others to assume the best about me. However, I know sinful thoughts dwell in the secret places of my heart, whispering and influencing me. These thoughts are usually unconscious, unvoiced, and unconfessed. But today, I am going to ask Jesus to reveal those thoughts to me, that I may admit the worst about myself. I dread what I will hear, but I also have hope about what I will gain through this process. Experience has taught me that it is when I admit my worst that I gain the best of what Jesus has won for me.

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