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Jan 22, Matthew 5: 27-37 by Miki

Summary: Focus on our covenant with God, and on the destination of our journey of faith. Be it fear of the unknown, selfishness, ridicule of peers or worldly temptations, whatever may distract us or divert us from the path to that destination, we must face, bring to light and discard.

Focus verse: 33 “Again, you have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘Do not break your oath, but fulfill to the Lord the vows you have made.’

Reflection: When I think of “Star Wars”, my mind sees the text scrolling into infinity in the background of stars. I hear the trumpets of the theme song. An in an instant, I recall the whole plot of the movie. Specifically, the adventures of Han Solo, Luke and Darth Vader and other characters in the movie. I recall the challenges they face and the transformations resulting from the decisions they made in their journey. For those who are not geeks, go watch the movie again.

In our journey as Christians, we do not know the whole story of our life and we cannot flip to the back of the book to see (yes, I am mixing metaphors) what we will become and with that insight make the decisions that will take us there.

We instead live our lives day by day, facing the challenges before us and making the best decisions we can. The decision that we make will impact not just our future, but the lives of those walking this journey next to us, and those that will follow us, just as we were impacted by those walking in front of us.

The covenant God made to us, and our obedience to God’s commands will give us hope when we believe that we are at the end of our rope, faith when we are filled with uncertainty and doubt, and love when we feel that we are alone.

Only by keeping our hearts, mind and soul on the promises of Jesus and trust in obeying his commandment in the decisions that we make, will we stay true on God’s path and emerge victorious, and transformed to become strong Christians.

So heed Jesus’s call, stay faithful, be transformed, rinse and repeat.

Prayer: God, when we professed our faith as Christians, we committed ourselves to a life of overcoming our weakness and conquering temptations by rely more and more on the grace you extend to us. Help us to remember that our every choice matters, and hold us in your grip so that we stay true to our destiny. In Jesus Name.

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