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Jan 27, Matthew 7: 1-12 by Esther

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

SUMMARY: In today’s passage, Jesus continues His sermon on the mount, teaching us not to judge others and to treat others how we want to be treated. Jesus also shows us that God is a good Father who is ready to bless us when we ask, seek and knock.

FOCUS VERSE: Matthew 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”


Reflecting on this passage, I am reminded of my own sinfulness. Several years ago, I worked as an optician who was trained to "judge a book by its cover" in order to sell the most expensive glasses. Oftentimes I found myself giving less effort to those who appeared “poor” because I assumed they could not afford it. I was unaware that I was sinning by passing judgement on them in dismissive and unloving ways. I thought I was just doing my job.

A few years later, the tables were turned. I was in the market to buy a car, so I stopped by a car dealership on my way back from Chicago. When I walked into the office of the dealership, no one paid attention to me. It was only when I asked for help, an employee reluctantly assisted me. I was confused until I realized I was dressed really casually. Then I got angry and thought, "Who is she to judge me like that? Does she not realize I can afford a car?" However, I was humbled and reminded that I, too, did the same thing just a few years back. God helped me to see not only my past mistakes, but also the fact that I'm quick to condemn others for the same sins that I ignore in myself. Only through daily repentance and self-reflection can we start to practice the lessons of Jesus that seem so obvious when we quickly read through them.

PRAYER: Dear heavenly Father, Thank you for always inviting us to be closer to You. Help us to continue to build your kingdom on earth so that we may show to those around us Your love and grace. Let us come humbly before You in repentance so that we may continue to walk with You daily. I pray that you transform us each and every day to become more like Jesus.

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